I don’t know where the fuck the games thread got off to, but this weekend was the Smite World Championship and (thanks to Kass) I love Smite so y’all are gonna hear about it!


My FP picks were pretty much everyone’s favorites, Cloud9 and Paradigm but both of those teams were knocked out on Saturday? (it was a busy weekend). The most exciting matches of the weekend (for me, duh) were the first four of the Cloud9/Enemy set. I don’t think anyone expected what happened to happen, except maybe PainDeViande. The Xbox finals and PC finals were over in three so it wasn’t quite the build up as last year but it is what it is.

Cosplay bullshit:

I didn’t finish the big costume I had planned and that was pretty disappointing all around, on a personal level. I don’t do this for the money, I’m doing alright. I didn’t do it to win, I’ve done that. I picked Ah Puch because he’s my fucking favorite. Last week I logged my 425th match with him. 😀 Yes, four hundered and twenty-fucking-five. (He’s my jam.)

But! I went and competed anyways in my Kawaii Pop Bastet and ended up winning shit because my sewing is legit #bossassstitch. Of course, there were some assholes on the subreddit but we can thank the Dunning-Kreuger effect for that. More importantly, I was able to meet more of the artists that worked on the skin, effects and concept art, and was able to thank them for their work on something I really enjoyed. Everything but the voice pack anyway…

Overall a great time and even though it’s a log way off, I’m looking forward to seeing the changes in meta and uh, apparently lots of rosters leading up to next year. 😀

GG Epsilon, all of the players, especially Adjust, Adapting, and Dimi, for their play and congratulations to all the teams for a great season leading up to Worlds.

I’m always looking for more people to play with so if you’re into that, my IGN is MandaBearSmash

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