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infinite sad face

Well I’m pretty bummed today. While some of the other Goddesses and pretty much everyone I know get to party it up at MegaCon this weekend, I am stuck doing grown up stuff. I moved from FL to TN today for school. I’m super nervous since I literally havent attended

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Happy to be here!

I cannot tell you all how excited I am to have the opportunity to be working with Geek Goddess! I have been a fan of many of these girls after seeing some of their cosplay work online and now I will be working with them as a Goddess! This is

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Bodies, Bullies and the Geek Goddess

We received an interesting question through our Tumblr account the other day. I was trying to decide how to respond but I couldn’t. At least not in a nice neat little blurb, for the issue is far more complex than a few sentences. The Question? How do you, as a

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Danke Danke Danke!!

SO I get a knock at my door at 630 and who is it? Oracle of course and what does she have? She has a package, for me! Opened it up and what is it? The Master’s Fob Watch! soooo I wanted to say THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH to the

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I am so incredibly honored to join the elegant ranks of lovely goddesses! With the upcoming calendar and eventual cons this year promises to be an exciting ride. I’m happy to be joining this voyage with such a fabulous group of ladies, and with the awesome GG fans here! Where

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Sex and the Feminist

How can I be a feminist and help start a site like GeekGoddess? It’s a question I’ve gotten before and I’m sure that I’ll get it again. I’ve received similar versions of this question for much of my life when my actions didn’t seem to match what someone’s idea of

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