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Welcome, everybody to Geek Goddess!

Kearstin here. You may remember me from such sexy sets as “Mind Reader”! I am so thoroughly excited that GG has launched and we get to spend it all with you! THE FANS! I cannot wait until we develop more as I am a huge fan of communities, let alone

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Why Is Nudity Naughty?

This is a question that has often baffled me. I mean, we are born naked; truly there is no state more natural than being naked. When I walk my dog she’s naked and no one seems to mind. Oh but she’s got fur. What about those weird Chinese crested dogs?

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What Is GeekGoddess?

GeekGoddess is a membership based website founded by two geeky women that will launch over Labor Day Weekend. We will feature artistic nudes of the female figure with a geek spin. While predominantly focusing on the subculture of the nerd and geek, our focus on the beauty of women is

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