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Dear Diary, today I am writing you from home on my comfortable couch! ^_^ .> in just yoga shorts and a bra haha wrapped up in my favorite nightmare before Christmas blanket with a relaxing face mask on ^_^ hehe i had so much fun the other night i just

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My muze

So I have been pretty anti social for quit some time. Not socially handy capped just so tired of the drama. My group of friends I associate with have become smaller and smaller. As I get older I have grown less tolience for all the bullshit. Backstabbing, jealously, alternative motives.

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Suicide Squad

Pretty excited getting dressed up and heading to the movies soon. I have heard so many mixed reviews but of course I like to form my own opinion. I have had people say Transformers sucked and seen it and was like WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! IT WAS AWESOME! I

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Holy Rabies..

I am so sorry to not have posted a blog sooner. I am just getting fully settled in my new apartment and getting things together for another GG shoot! As well as speaking of a cosplay sponsorship! So excited!

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