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The more you know!

I’m working on a Lady Tremaine costume from the Cinderella 2015! I love glamous cosplays! But today I finished the base of her hat, and when it was still a little too limp, i added heat from a hair dryer and it did the trick, making it nice and stiff!!!

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I don’t know where the fuck the games thread got off to, but this weekend was the Smite World Championship and (thanks to Kass) I love Smite so y’all are gonna hear about it! MATCH SPOILERS My FP picks were pretty much everyone’s favorites, Cloud9 and Paradigm but both of

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Oh My, I’m a Blog Failure!

I have no idea why I’ve totally spaced on the fact that I should be writing blogs for you all! I am the worst social networker ever. I do however have a pretty good excuse…I downloaded a Gameboy emulator on my phone…so I’ve once again been trapped by the addiction

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Hello Hello!

I am so excited to be here, finally! Can’t go into details but I had a number of tough months before I came here. I am glad to see the forums and comments here thriving with support and positive energy! Absolutely no regrets! Communication with the admin team here has

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Angel of Death completed!

Woot finally finished my Malthael cosplay!! It was made with well worbla and craft foam and a ton of pleather 🙂 I got to learn a lot from this cosplay and may go back to old cosplays in an attempt to make them even better based off of what I

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