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It’s finally cold enough for cocoa

Do you want a cup of hugs? I can send you a cup of hugs. It’s been cold and rainy all week and I’m loving this yummy hot cocoa weather. Also celebrating with my photographer because our Christmas card photo was accepted. Buy one from me and I’ll send you

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Whats going on………………

I have been a home body and would love to meet up with some of the other local geekgoddess to get to know each other hang out have some fun. If any one is interested let me know. 🙂 Maybe meet some of the fans as well. On another note

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My 1st Blog

Well, this is my 1st blog entry ever. …CHERRY POPPED. lololol …yea i know I’m not funny. But yea! Happy Halloween! This year really took it out of me. I didn’t go to a single party. I only got into costume once, and that was for work today. I just

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Dear Diary, today I am writing you from home on my comfortable couch! ^_^ .> in just yoga shorts and a bra haha wrapped up in my favorite nightmare before Christmas blanket with a relaxing face mask on ^_^ hehe i had so much fun the other night i just

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My muze

So I have been pretty anti social for quit some time. Not socially handy capped just so tired of the drama. My group of friends I associate with have become smaller and smaller. As I get older I have grown less tolience for all the bullshit. Backstabbing, jealously, alternative motives.

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