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Handing in my woman card…..

It’s official folks! I am the WORST woman ever. As some of you loyal followers and friends may know, I started makeup artist/FX school back in March. Im an ace at all things makeup so far but the last few days we have had a special guest instructor come in

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holy wow!

I had some dental work done recently and got some pain meds. These things knock me right the hell out! As I type this my arms feel like they are floating away …….yeah just thought I would share. I hate meds, altering my brain chemicals and what not. ugh.

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Brittnie Jade, the movie star??

A few nights ago I got an email from a film producer offering me a role in his new movie. Of course I was skeptical at first but then he sent over a script and legal documents. It seemed legit so we talked about the shooting schedule and locations .

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Hey guys! This is Brittnie Jade reporting for duty with my first GG blog entry. Super stoked to be here. So yeah, that’s pretty much it for now. XOXO

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Hello everyone once more! I wanted to give an update on if yall would like to stop by and see me live in living color! I will be a Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati, OH! I will be at the Ghostbusters booth in costume! If you’d like to come by and

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Introductions Introductions

Hello everyone from the cold exotic place of Ohio! I am currently a Demi Goddess but will hopefully soon have my first 2 sets up! I’m working very hard to get my favorite set done! That would be Lady Loki! I am currently getting the supplies to build the staff

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