It’s official folks! I am the WORST woman ever. As some of you loyal followers and friends may know, I started makeup artist/FX school back in March. Im an ace at all things makeup so far but the last few days we have had a special guest instructor come in and work with us on “hair bending”. Hair bending is just a fancy term for styling hair. Now, other than my monthly upkeep on my atomic pink hair i literally do nothing in the way of fixing my hair other than blowdrying it or putting it in a ponytail. I can’t even braid ! I damn near had a panic attack as the rest of the class went about making ridiculously beautiful hair dos effortlessly while i was still standing there paralyzed with fear staring at the blank expression on my practice mannequin’s head. I failed braiding 101. I was so upset I nearly broke into tears in front of everyone. Im the type of person who has never had a hard time picking up on a new skill so failing miserably at something while the entire class looked on was quite the shitty experience to say the least. Ive been practicing at home like my life depends on it but I just CAN NOT do hair. But why does this make me the worst woman ever? well, add to that the fact that I can not walk in heels either…..yep, worst woman ever. 🙁

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