Hada Pixie

Birthday: February 9th
Sexual Orientation: Pan
Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Skeptical Believer

This Skeptic needs a partner to make her a true believer.

Ideal Solution

You are invited to explore infinite possibilities.

What makes me a Geek Goddess?

I am intelligent, I am a goddess, I am in tune with my sexuality, and I am proud of all these things

– Hada Pixie

My nerdy little secrets.

I have seen every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and though The X Files is my favorite, i haven’t made it all the way through the box-set yet O.o

Dream Cosplay

Ryuk from Deathnote (eventually)

Convention: Frolicon
Real Geek Female: all my wonderful geeky friends!
Fictional Geek Female: Dana Scully
Character to Cosplay: Wednesday Addams
Food: Vegan Calzone
Movie: Nightmare Before Christmas
TV Show: The X-Files
Color: Black
Style of Panties: cheekies or thong

Hada Pixie’s Blogs

Just wanted to say HI

… a little birdy told me my next set is going live soonish, i guess i gotta start figuring out what ill be posting here next… Ive gotten lost in photography land so im not sure what Ill do for my next cosplay here, but it will be something I

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New Set!

I just found out that the set i shot in May is accepted, not sure when it will go live… but you will be seeing more of me here soon! Im so excited to share this set with you! and I need to get on the ball and figure out

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Youtube channel

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKsP975D3oLXomUC_uDUn-Q So I have started a Little BDSM Chat, since safety seems to be a part of the fetish scene that seems to be lacking. please feel free to watch and leave a comment here or there. I may throw some other stuff up there in the future as well.

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First Blog Post

I cant believe Its 8 months and Im just now getting around to posting a blog! eek… well Im Hada Pixie, but really yall can just call me Pixie. Im local to Georgia and dont travel much, Id like to do more of it, but when I’m away from home

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