Birthday: August 21st
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Astrological Sign: Leo

Forest of Darkness

Graceful, beautiful, and deadly, she aims to fulfill her mission.

Jingle Frisbee

She's foxy and full of love, play the Jingle Frisbee her!


She is a free willed diva ready to break out of her prison.

What makes me a Geek Goddess?

My love for all things geeky, nerdy, weird and sharing that with my body!

– Kitty

My nerdy little secrets.

I don’t watch “real” porn. It’s nothing but hentai for this goddess!

Dream Cosplay

Ekatarina Kurae's "Mama" from Seikon no Qwaser

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Convention: Connecticon
Real Geek Female: I actually don’t have one O_o Cheesy answer: ALL OF THEM!
Fictional Geek Female: Bumble Bee from teen titans. I’ve always loved her sassiness!
Character to Cosplay: Bumble Bee
Food: Pork/seafood/chicken Asian dumplings
Movie: The Core
TV Show: Chowder
Color: Blue
Style of Panties: Regular but low cut…and lacy

Kitty’s Blogs

My 1st Blog

Well, this is my 1st blog entry ever. …CHERRY POPPED. lololol …yea i know I’m not funny. But yea! Happy Halloween! This year really took it out of me. I didn’t go to a single party. I only got into costume once, and that was for work today. I just

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