Lady Toxica

Birthday: February 23rd
Sexual Orientation: I’m Bisexual..lets play and you’ll find out!
Astrological Sign: Pisces


Our inner demons are ever just beneath the surface

Sadistic Savior

Weapon at the ready, she is ready to fight the zombie masses

Midsummer Dreamer

Relinquish yourself to the sweet songs of summer with this siren

What makes me a Geek Goddess?

My love for indie comics all the way to playing my PS4 car games.

– Lady Toxica

Fondest Geek Memory

Getting my first Charizard card… I may have been dancing in the store >.> LOL

Dream Cosplay

Selene from underworld


Convention: Supercon!
Real Geek Female: Michelle Rodriguez…doing those epic game voices *FAINTS*
Fictional Geek Female: Kenzi from lost girl!
Character to Cosplay: The Joker!!!!! I have a bazooka that squirts water out of a flower and its HUGE!
Food: cheez-it
Movie: Fast And Furious (ALL OF THEM)
TV Show: Vampire Knight
Color: Red & Green
Style of Panties: thongs & boyshorts ;P


Hello All, I had sooo much fun at megacon! we did a awesome Nerdlesque show =^_^= and i am all ready working on my second

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Dear Diary, today I am writing you from home on my comfortable couch! ^_^ .> in just yoga shorts and a bra haha wrapped up

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