I just found out that the set i shot in May is accepted, not sure when it will go live… but you will be seeing more of me here soon! Im so excited to share this set with you! and I need to get on the ball and figure out what Im shooting next! I have a few cosplays that are completed or mostly completed… and then of course figuring out set/setting… maybe i need to make some props *hummmm* So many options, but i guess first step is to confirm what my next cosplay will be and do a test run with it…. and NOT start on a brand new one. Im so bad at getting new ideas and starting on new projects without ever finishing the first one; the curse of a creative mind, right? … im always bad at this sort of thing and not knowing what to say, so i guess ill pop out. but if anyone wants to know more about me, i have a q&A thread in the forums! <3 ~Glitter Hugs~

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