Hello All,

I had sooo much fun at megacon! we did a awesome Nerdlesque show =^_^= and i am all ready working on my second act for supercon!!! there will be fans involved! ^_^ <.< o man!!! I have soooo much planned for you guys! day one of megacon <.< walked all the way around the building 🙁 it was quiet the journey =.= thought i was going to be lost in no mans land forever!!!!…Thought i would never make it to the GG booth due to the dragons i had to then fight off! Day 2 made it in one piece to booth since the dragons were no more ^_^ then i collected all the passes with my 3DS Thanks Nurse Harley for making sure i made it to the con with this! Day 3 still had my voice so i could sing the beautiful Miku songs! then i got wild on the stage later that night as the Joker!! at drip for our nerdlesqe show….i’m not sure how i survived this show must have been since i was the joker and it was crazy so i was crazy and i made it out HAHAHAHA!! DAY 4!!!……I made it and was ready to fight off all the dead my devil master Rias Gremory!

….Lady Toxica =^-^=

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Masamune · 07/28/2019 at 11:18 pm

You are absolutely breathtaking 😊

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