The Pantheon Expands

Join us in celebrating MyGG as we level up to include the entire PANTHEON of Gorgeous Geeks ready to meet, greet and be worshiped by you. 

We are adding the option for even more diverse content.  Existing members can still receive all the femme fun of our weekly Goddess sets, with all the interaction you know and love.  Gain access to masc fun with God sets through MyGeekGods, or feast with the full Pantheon with the all new MyGeekGlory Option. 

Pick  Your  Ambrosia

Femme Fantasy

Already a member and not looking to shift your weekly goodies? No problem, you can keep your content just the way you like it. The new site expansion will not affect your membership.

Updates and pricing will remain the same. You'll be able to continue to chat and interact with all our femme fatales and stay up to date on their convention and cosplay adventures.

The Entire Pantheon

Gain entrance to the full temple of titillating deities. This option is for the truly insatiable fan. For an extra $5 a month you will have access ALL CONTENT. All the Goddesses, all the Gods and every Deity in between.

You'll see all our photos sets, at least 5 per month and interact in chat and on the forums with our full Pantheon and members of all devotions.

Masc Manifestation

Do your tastes lean more masculine? Fans have been asking for years when we will have content that caters to them. The time has come. Choose MyGeekGods to access our Mesmerizing Masc Content.

Sets will update Monthly in the beginning (find out why in our FAQ) and you'll get to interact in chat and on the forums with our full Pantheon and members of all devotions.


All the Femme Deities and More!
$ 9
  • Weelkly High-Res Femme Photosets
  • Live Chat
  • Member Only Forum
  • Goddess Blogs


The Entire Pantheon!
$ 14
  • 5 High-Res Photosets a Month
  • Live Chat
  • Member Only Forum
  • All Blogs


All the Masc Deities and More!
$ 9
  • Monthly High-Res Masc Photosets
  • Live Chat
  • Member Only Forum
  • God Blogs
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Talk with the full Pantheon and all our Members in the Forums.  The more Geeks the better!

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finally able to breath?

OR SO ONE WOULD THINK!!! sold out of certain items and now I gotta restock everything for AUSA in DC, WHICH btw if you are going make sure you stop by my booth and say hi!! i’ll be a guest with BPB so i’ll be there all weekend!!

I have pierced nips!

Some of you may know that I’m nonbinary (agender to be exact) so I am very dysphoric about a lot a gendered human body parts. Of course, as someone working two jobs, I’ll probably never be able to afford safe surgery. Some say surgery and body modifications are “mutilation”. I

Colossalcon east and all the headaches

With CCE coming in…….3 days……holy crap…. Things are kinda hectic here in casa de Eri, I’m making all the plushies and merch for my artist table and practicing my routines for the show with bubblepop burlesque! If you happen to be going to CCE you should pop by booth and