I have been working SO hard lately on getting some acts together for Megacon! I cannot wait for my debut as both Witch Mercy and Starfire. I want to keep my Witch Mercy a little more hush hush, since that is one that I’ve been asked about by multiple people, so I wanted to take a moment to talk about Star. I have had the costume for a few years, and when thinking about an act that I wanted to choreograph all by myself, she was the one I immediately was drawn to. The entire outfit fits the classic burlesque aesthetic and gives me a chance to play cutesy and be fun! It will be a huge switch from Witch Mercy. I’m extremely excited about it. I’m also SO excited about all the gems I just received in the mail to bedazzle the pieces I’ll be revealing to the audience. I really hope I walk away with some photos to share after Megacon, so everyone who wasn’t unable to attend can at least see some of it. Starfire is a character that means a lot to me, and I made the costume during a particularly rough time in my life. Being able to wear the costume again after putting her down for two years is so exciting, but performing in her? I’m ecstatic!! I hope those of you who attend the show enjoy my act.

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